e-Procurement 365

e-Procurement 365

Hemu e-Procurement 365 is designed for Dynamics Business Central as an extended procurement. The solution can also be integrate with other ERP or Financial Systems.

The Key benefits of e-Procurement 365 include:

  • Drive profitability via prudent procurement practice

  • Ensure strategic purchase with spent analysis

  • Instill confidence in project success using a vendor-responsive engagement model

  • Facilitate transparency and promote productivity with collaborate online evaluation


Purchase Requisition


  • Budget control for purchases

  • Expenditure tracking and cost allocation

  • Approval workflow by level of authority

  • Audit trail for purchase record

  • Combined volume purchases

Key features

  • Multiple purchasing methods: write-in, product catalogue, draw down from purchase agreement, quotation

  • Material item

  • Budget and expenditure code

  • Cost distribution

  • Validation and approval workflow

Tender Management


  • Controlled tender opening and commercial information

  • Self-service tender preparation by co-workers

  • Self-services by bidder via e-tender

  • Paperless submission and evaluation

  • Vendor performance and participation statistics for review

Key features

  • Tender Plan and content preparation

  • Technical and commercial committees

  • Compliance matrix and auto scoring

  • Pricing summary

  • Invitation to bid

  • Bidder clarification

  • Pricing comparison

  • Tender evaluation

  • Negotiation

Sourcing and Award


  • Centralized vendor database with comprehensive profile

  • Contract and agreement management

  • Automate award acceptance with e-award

Key features

  • Quotation library

  • Material item and item price comparison

  • Vendor management

  • Pre-Qualification

  • Purchase agreement

  • Purchase catalog

  • Letter of award and letter of regret

Employee Self-Service


  • Online access of procurement related information

  • Digital and paperless collaboration in the procurement and evaluation process

Key features

  • Purchase Requisition (PR)

  • Tender content preparation

  • Tender evaluation (technical and commercial)

  • Vendor performance review

Vendor Self-Service


  • end-to-end procurement process with online service

  • Time saving from printing and traveling often needed for hard copying proposal submission

  • Speedier payment with online submission of the Proof of Execution and billing invoice

Key features

  • Vendor registration

  • Bid invitation acknowledgement

  • e-Quotation

  • e-Tender

  • e-Bidding

  • e-Fulfillment

  • e-Invoice

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