The Business Value of .NET

The Business Value of .NET

Businesses today are looking to IT departments to justify their existence within the organization and what IT will do to either increase revenue or decrease costs. The days of slow-moving, inefficient IT departments that can’t meet these goals are over. To help IT departments align their goals with those of the business, it is important they choose the right technology to develop strategic applications. You need a technology that will reduce development time and produce quality, reliable, and scalable applications. The Microsoft® .NET development platform is well suited to this task.

In this article you will be presented with an overview of .NET and see the real benefits you will derive when you start using this powerful framework.

A Quick Overview of .NET

Microsoft has created a whole new platform for development. This platform was written from the ground up to overcome many of the problems prevalent in application development. Namely: long development times, inability to change applications quickly, high total cost of ownership of software, and ease of deployment.

Types of Applications You Can Create with .NET

Before you can understand the real benefits of .NET, it is important to understand some of the different types of applications you can create with .NET. Below is a list of some of the types of applications that can be created using the .NET platform.

  • Customer relationship management

  • Accounting applications

  • Product/inventory applications

  • Warehousing applications using hand-held devices

  • Web sites

  • Value chain/supply management

  • Integration with partners through the Internet

  • XML Web services

  • PDA (hand-held) applications

.NET Provide Many Features

.NET consists of a re-useable library of classes. It also consists of a development environment to help developers rapidly and graphically build applications. Microsoft and many other third-party vendors are putting out tons of books, articles, sample code, specialized components, and various other resources to help make your transition to .NET easy.

How can .NET help with ROI?

This is an important question how dot net and ROI is connected and how it can help any IT organization in becoming more efficient. First of all, Microsoft has invented the phenomenon of reusable components that make development easier and faster. It takes less time to translate the code. Also, .NET programmers don’t have to spend efforts in writing code.

When app development is faster than the overall cost would also be manageable, that leads to higher ROI and quick payback time. It signifies that Dot net Framework always takes less time in app development and helps your Company in increasing revenues and decreases costs. In the next section, we will discuss major benefits of .net for your business in detail.

Major benefits of .NET Development for Business

  • Scalability – An important reason how it helps business with ROI is scalability. A business starts smaller but grows quickly. This is the reason why every business needs a platform that is scalable and helps to add products or services quickly.

  • Affordable Maintenance – With the .net framework, the maintenance of an app is easier and the overall maintenance costs are low due to configuration setting where you have to write minimal code only.

  • Faster Deployment – As discussed earlier, it takes less time to develop an application sue to reusable concepts that accelerated deployment rate too.

  • Reliable Platform – The Dot net framework has a reliable and robust programming engine that is suitable for production applications and makes chances application failure to the minimum.

  • Security – The platform has inbuilt security features that are taken as primary requirements for any business. Adding extra security features to your app can be very costly for a business and sometimes it results in application failing too.

  • Platform Independent Apps – Every business needs platform independent apps that are compatible with multiple platforms and this objective can be achieved with the help of .net apps in the IT world.

  • Robust Architecture – Dot net framework has a service-oriented architecture that helps you to connect with your customer in best possible ways and increases the overall effectiveness of a business application.


This article introduced how .NET can help your business applications succeed and produce a great return on investment. .NET will lower your development, maintenance, and deployment costs over the long run. Many companies have already chosen .NET and are well on their way to an efficient organization.